Why Justin Bieber is more badass than you!

Clarification: in a rockclub in Stockholm there is a note at the counter saying ”whenever you tip the waitress a Beiber-fan die” and that sure convinced me. I think Justin Biebers music suck, and his image kind of makes me wanna puke, but then again, I am not a 14 year old girl, and that is clearly his audience, and if he can make money on horny little girls just like Stephanie Meyers with Twilight, who gives a shit.


However when I see lazy, fat dudes with no ambitions sitting at a bar with crums of pizza on their bellies chuckling out loud with beer coming out of their nose ”Justin Bieber, what a pussy”, my response is ”really tough guy?”. Sure Biebers official persona is more gay and sleezy than Liberace and the Hanson brothers combined. But considering his achievements i wouldnt brag about how much greater I was unless I actually accomplished something.

When Justin grew up with a poor single mother he played hockey, fotball and chess with music on the side. Before he got his breakthrough at only fourteen he learned to play piano, drums, guitarr and trumpet. At 2007 he performed his music in front of an audience at a local competition, his mother filmed it and put it on Youtube, thats where it took of.

So already before he had his breakthrough he had accomplished more on his freetime without money or connections than most grown men have done in a lifetime. Most grown men cant do anything musical or anything else outside of what is required of them.

Most grown men would never dare to even speak in front of a big audience and wouldnt have anything to show if they did. Sure I laughed my ass off when i heard that Justin got in a fistfight with Orlando Bloom (twinks in combat), but most men have never even been in a fight at all.

Oh yeah, a real man right?

So how do I know all this? Not being a devoted Belieber. The reason was actually an interview with him in a issue of mens health. The article was half a tribute and half a mockery about Justins person, which seems quite fair. But one thing struck me about the interview and made me intrigued. That was the fact that Justin really made an effort to show to the reporters that he is in fact manly.

He train martial arts, got some ink and also worked hard to build muscle and strenght. Ofcourse its nearly impossible for him to save his flamboyant image at this stage, but atleast he is trying. Most ”men” today dont seem to give a fuck. To put it in Jack Donovan terms ”he might be flamboyant, but not dishonourable flamboyant”.

Ofcourse Bieber is not a badass compared to the men I look up too. But compared to 90% of people I see around me and in popular media he is, and that should make us all worry about where masculinity is going!


Take out the trash and let go

peaceful-warriorOne of my favourite quotes are the following by Lao Tsu ”let go of who you are to become who you might be”. Its my conviction that we cant reach our full potential before we let go of shit that really doesnt matter or that we cant change. Here are some of the things i decided to let go of this past year.

1. My past

Our past only serve one useful purpose and that is to learn what works and what doesnt work. Ive done a lot of bullshit in my past that i am not proud of that propably will bite me in the ass one day, in this life or the next. I have also done a lot of things i am proud of, but i try not to cling on to past achievements but instead look forward to new higher goals as much as possible.

About my past sins, i dont linger much or care about the judgements by our current society or the powers that be,they lost all their moral mandates a long time ago, only the gods can judge me now. And i dont pat myself on the back for old achievements since i know my greatest achievements on both a physical and a mental level is still ahead of me.

2. My country and ”my people”

Most peoples on the planet have a country where their ethnicity is a majority and their leaders put the interests of their kind first. Some examples are Japan, Saudiarabia and Israel. This is natural and doesnt mean that the people or the leaders of this nations are biggoted or hateful towards other peoples and nations, they just put their own people first. Unfortanely this is not the case in Sweden where our leaders and most of the people who elected them are infected by cultural marxism and ethnomasochism.

This ideological cancer makes a people hate itself and instead always focus on putting everyone else before them, even if it means protecting foreign terrorist, banning our own national symbols or letting our old people die alone without dignity to afford integrationprojects for people that hates us.

However this is not my concern anymore, i spent more then seven years trying to change this, and i almost got killed doing it, so i served my time. Now ive given up on the country Sweden. My land is where my people are. And my people are those who share my roots, who adhere to the same principals as me and that are ready to sacrifice themselves for the same cause. I am not a nationalist anymore and i will never engage in politics again, my focus now is to build a real tribe and become the best man i can be.

3. The opinions of others 

This is related to my first point, to let go of my past. I wont invest any energy to defend who i used to be. I dont care to defend myself before the liberal or marxist media who runs the gossip in Sweden and most of Europé. I dont care about the opinions from most of the mainstream society. I only care about the opinions from my tribal brothers, from people i respect and from my family, anyone else who doesnt like me can go fuck themselves. And if you dont like what i write in this post you belong to that last category.