In defense of posing.


When people think of posing they usually think of people trying to present themselves in an inauthentic way, but there are other meanings to the word, like posing for a painting,  or pose to present a message, status or something else.

Fake posing and true posing. 

When I see some scrawny dude trying to flex his non-existing muscles in front of the mirror in the gym, I think of a poser in a bad way, he is trying to take credit for something he doesn’t yet have. When I see a dude that is really jacked wearing a revealing shirt to show of his hard-earned gains, I think good for you man! The same with a successful businessman wearing an obviously expensive but classical suit that emanates power and accomplishment. But If I see some street-thug with a fake Rolex I immediately think of a fake poser. Of course there are also a difference between posing at the right time and in the right way or being over the top.

Isn’t posing just a signal of vanity?

Sure a poser could be a very vain and pretentious person, but a poser could also be humble and very self-aware of himself. But also, there is nothing wrong with some vanity, If it doesn’t cloud your judgement or make you into a complete douche. Shouldn’t someone who wins an academic award be able to take some pride in the official recognition for his work?

Are there no psychological justification or benefits for a doctor to nail his diploma to the Wall of his office? Or for a fighter to wear the belt he won in combat? How about a war-veteran wearing his medals? Then why shouldn’t a beautiful woman show of her beauty? (not by dressing as a prostitute, but in a classy way), or a guy that is jacked to show of the results that also is a obvious display of discipline, dedication and hard work.

The purpose of posing in nature and among humans. 

Most people know about the term peacocking, peacocks flaunt their feathers to attract the opposite sex, now unfortunately the term is also used by various ridiculous pick-up artists. Hundreds of different species also have physical characteristics that they use to intimidate enemies of other species and rivals among their own. The Tao Te Ching advices against showing of your wealth and your skills because it inflates the ego and can attract enemies, and that is perfectly reasonable If your goal is to be a Taoistic monk or try to influence the world behind the curtains.

But what If you do wish to attract the best looking female? What If you want to lead and inspire other men? Are you going to do that without showing of what you’re made of? Or by hiding behind simple garms? Warriors, priests, Kings and traders of all times have understood the value of presenting themselves in the best possible way to show of their abilities , to convey a message and to represent their tribe or organization in the most attractive way.

Glorious posers and their jealous critics. 

Whenever I watch a video on YouTube where a jacked dude show of his gains in the context of training or some other related subject, I know there will be comments from jealous detractors accusing him of being gay, juiced up or just fake. But If the commenters really felt superior to the guy in the video they wouldn’t bother to watch the video or take the time to leave a comment. To me its obvious that these guys (mostly guys) are jealous and are trying to shame this person into lowering himself to their level.

Accusing every guy that is a little more jacked than you for being on steroids, just show that you can’t comprehend how its possible to build a great physique with the right knowledge and hard work. And most people know intuitively that men who accuses everyone for being gay are usually projecting.

Women using their looks to gain attention. 

Recently I have also seen some discussion on the internet about how good-looking, mostly conservative women, are using their looks to gain followers on their channels. Personally I don’t watch videos from these women because I don’t find their message very interesting, but to me its obvious that the guys spewing hatred against beautiful women on YouTube are just frustrated because they know that they will never get the chance to sleep with them.

Men who are confident and good with women appreciate to see them show of their beauty, because they know that women of this level are within their reach. Women have always used their looks to find the best mate and advance their interests, that is just nature, don’t be mad about it, just be aware of it for what it is. But again there is a difference between a woman showing her beauty in a classy way or an obvious whore spreading her tits all over the Web, stay away from them like the plague.


If you have something to offer the world ,your community or your tribe, don’t be hesitant to show it, and there isn’t anything wrong with taking some healthy pride in it If you can back it up. Posing is a great tool to inspire others, to show of your skills, intimidate enemies and attract people of good quality. If you can walk the walk you can talk the talk!