Review: Justice League a mirror-view of modernity 

Despite all the negative reviews I still had some hopes of this being at least an entertaining movie. I was surprised to like Ben Afflecks portrayal of Batman in BvS, Wonderwoman was kind of ridiculous but quite harmless, and I have always liked Jason Momoa (especially in Game Of Thrones). So I knew that there would be some likeable characters in this film and with its giant budget I didn’t think it could end up as a total disaster, boy was I wrong. Except for the already mentioned characters given their worst performance yet, the other characters, the super smart black robot-guy, the Asian kid as the flimsy and cowardly Flash (did I forget anyone?) all these acted so bad that for a second I thought I was watching the Disney-channel. 
Then for the “bad-guy” by the ridiculous name Steppenwolf was like watching a mix of Gargamel and the mafia boss in The Mask. I understand these movies are based on cartoons, but this character was so cartoonish it felt like I was watching something out of Scooby doo. The plot was a sort of cheap derivative from The Lord Of The Rings (which many others have pointed out) but without the epicness and with an extremely forced script. The story is so flat and simplified that you could skip an hour in the middle of the film and it wouldn’t matter, you could still get the plot. Of course there is also the part of Superman, but there isn’t much to say about it, his storyline serves as a short intro that start of with the memory of his death, and his resurrection in the end that finishes the movie of, there is no depth or deeper meaning to his character or his role in the story. 

The whole film serves as a modern myth that rips of most of its ideas from much older stories but without the deeper meaning and depth (just like most popular culture). Its modern in every meaning of the word and not in a good way. The multicultural cast without substance or any chemistry between the characters. A giant budget used to create some stunning visual effects, that still falls flat because of the lacking script. Neither the story or the acting makes you care about the different characters or what happens to them. Everyone are dressed up in their best-looking suits, they deliver some funny one-liners (like the whole film is a long string of commercials for another Film) and everyone just seems totally disengaged, there is not one single line in the whole film delivered with conviction, maybe even the actors felt deep down that this whole show was a big commercial scam .

I hope the makers of this film learned some lessons from the reception of this movie, most importantly that its not enough with a bunch of famous actors, cool special effects and relying on nostalgia of known movie-characters. Learn from great superhero-movies like Nolans The Dark Knight-trilogy, The watchmen and The Hulk. Movies with character-development, enemies with complex motives, and innovative stories that makes you engaged in the plot and care about how the story develops. 



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