The Walking Dead – a traditionalist view!

This show started of as a good psychological horror and a great thought-experiment, and it ended with Left-wing propaganda and bad writing. What would happen If civilization was wiped out and the world was overrun by zombies? In the first seasons you could relate to many of the characters and understand the tensions between them. 

Life in these newly formed tribes started to resemble life before the modern civilization, the women took care of the children, laundry and so on, while the men guarded the tribe and went hunting. There where racial tensions with people like Merle that wasnt a complete douche, and killing of both the living and the undead became a natural necessity in daily life to survive. 

Of course some episodes were unrealistic, but hey its a show about zombies, but If you suspended your beliefs enough you could still find some value in the psychological progressions of the characters. But as the show went along somewhere after the third season, the characters started to act so irrationally and the action started to resemble bad action-movies from the 90s, it became to unrealistic even for a fantasy show to enjoy. 

Most of this was connected to the political message they so obviously were trying to push, the old fragile woman became super-granny that could take out whole enemy villages by herself, every couple had to be mixed, it started with a good-looking white woman choosing a feeble asian guy that is the weakest of the group, and we all know how irresistable puny asian guys are to Western women right? Then came the gay relationships, first with lesbians then with gay guys making out in every scene. 

In the last episodes of season 8 they also started to push a pro-Muslim message with Carl meeting a peaceful traveler who spouted cute quotes from the Quran (they must have been hard to find), then in the final episode suddenly a chubby black woman with a hijab started to join the action (with the good-guys ofcourse). 

Almost all the black guys are on the good side, and most women become fearless fighters (often more brave than the men). And almost all bad-guys are white patriarchal men that also are mentally disturbed sadists, like the governor and Neegan. I have come to expect the leftist narrative in everything that comes out from Hollywood, but they could at least try to be a little more subtle. 

I still continue to follow the show, mostly because its one of the few series both me and my girlfriend somewhat can enjoy, but also to see how the writers will try to salvage the remains of the mess they have created with the last seasons of the unrealistic leftist-narrative and implausible actions of the main characters. It doesn’t bode well, but at least its still funny to watch, like a train-wreck. 

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